Secure cords underneath the desk to get rid of those unsightly wires and cords on your desktop. Install a giant cork board to serve as an inspiration board or to pin important reminders and documents. Reprint your saved projects on Avery Design & Print Online any time and from any smart device. Separate your work documents from home documents, grouping like documents together. File tax information and receipts together, while medical documents/records and school documents for your kids get their own folders. Consider creating a grab ‘n’ go emergency binder for important family documents like birth certificates, insurance, etc.

Juggling work and household management is a task in and of itself, so why not make it as easy for yourself as possible? Implement following desk organization ideas to stay on top of clutter, leading to less time in the office and a healthy work-life balance. The reality is that sometimes you need to share a space with your significant other if you’re both working from home for the foreseeable future.

Stay Tidy with a Desk Organizer

Adding pull-out shelving to your home office can add a lot more storage space to your office. Things can get pushed to the back to cabinets and cupboards and forgotten, but with a pull-out shelf, you won’t have that problem. Knowing where everything belongs can be helpful in maintaining your office organization. Storage boxes that are see-through can help to keep your office space organized and quickly find things when you need them.

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You can arrange the different sized containers to custom fit your needs, and we love the bright and cheerful colors! Dykema also recommends investing in a separate storage unit to help keep your desk clutter-free. An external filing cabinet, like this mango wood cane piece from Urban Outfitters, can significantly increase your storage space and contribute to your office organization aesthetic.

Avoid Clutter with Magazine Bins

No matter what the size of your workspace, there are plenty of storage solutions that will help you stay on task while also keeping you organized and efficient. We can’t say enough about reclaiming vertical space – especially in the form of practical shelving ideas. If you’re worried about drilling into the wall when your home office might not be a permanent home office tips fixture in the house, don’t be. Pack your tray with charging cables, extra pens, and any other day-to-day essentials and enjoy the convenience of a mobile workspace. Plus, the added bonus of beverages on tap means that you can stay hydrated – essential for remaining productive. The wallspace in front of, or behind, your desk is valuable real estate!

  • Shop for a desktop organizer specifically configured to hold the objects you require on a regular basis.
  • Magazine bins are great for storing notebooks and magazines in your workspace.
  • I’m the in-house appliances expert and have gone through the internal customer advisor accreditation process.
  • If you’re not looking to put holes in your walls, you can still hang things in your office area.
  • Handmade items with fun details and colors can distract from their utilitarian role.

In the same way, you need to take advantage of the vertical space you have in your home office. This is especially true if you have a smaller desk area and don’t have any desk drawers. It’s pretty easy to feel disorganized if you have plenty of paperwork piling on your desk. Setting up a filing system plays a crucial role in making your home office organized and tidy. Search for a method that works best for you, and then try to follow this on a daily and weekly basis.

Install a Wall of Cabinets

Try to stay on top of the paperwork by going through it at least once a week. Recycle anything you don’t need, and scan any important documents that you want to keep. This Epson Workforce portable scanner is lightweight and fast, it scans a single page in 5.5 seconds! If you’re installing cabinetry, it’s a smart trick to build in hidden horizontal shelves along the sides of the vertical units.

  • Having too many cables underfoot is not only a tripping hazard, but it also can pose a fire danger and make your office more cluttered than it already is.
  • The goal should be to only keep what you need; the rest can be relegated to nearby bookshelves and on the wall space.
  • One of the reasons why home offices get so cluttered is that their owners either stubbornly refuse or don’t take the time to throw things away.
  • Keep your desk clear of clutter, big or small, by using or installing overhead closed cabinets.

Tamsin Johnson customized them to fit in the awkward space under the stairs. Few wireless chargers are as sleek and compact as this station from Courant, and even better, it frees up any space even in a small cubicle that could be occupied by cables. This multitasking charger accommodates both your iPhone and AirPods. Plus, it props up your phone, so you never miss out on notifications. But you can conquer the chaos if you have a plan, a few hours, and some helpful items to corral your stuff. Here, blogger Elsie Larson uses the hooks for headphones, but you can rely on them for anything — scissors, glasses, chargers and so on.

Every office has its fair share of files, papers, accessories, and general clutter. Without solid organizational systems in place, it’s hard to keep your home office organized. The right shelving can be great for getting office supplies off the surface of your desk but they’ll work equally well for books and other home decor items once you’re back in the office. This cozy corner is perfect for installing a floating desk and shelving and, a contemporary pegboard to hook keys and the bits we might find in ‘that’ junk cupboard. Essentially the overall objective of smashing your home office organization goals is to maximize your home office storage opportunities that will work for you.

  • You can also use your label maker to add a personalized touch so that you know what goes where at all times.
  • If you’ve been struggling to find enough space in your home to set up a more permanent-feeling workspace, consider a folding secretary desk, available from Wayfair.
  • If you have a small makeshift home office in the corner of a larger room or you’re converting a walk-in closet, opt for glossy white lacquered cabinets and furniture.
  • Group similar items into categories, you can find exactly what you need in a pinch.

For desks with limited space, consider adding a floor lamp instead near your workspace. Keeping those cute notebooks, journals, and planners can be a challenge. Look for baskets or bins that they’ll fit in and don’t be afraid to stand them up or stack them so they’re easy for you to get to when you need them. Take everything that’s not directly related to your work off your desk. That includes photos, magazines, greeting cards, awards, plants, coffee mugs and souvenirs. You can still have some of these items in your office, just in a more remote place.