Many physical therapists (PT) are consulting patients via telehealth or E-visits. You may be able to visit your PT without leaving your house, maintaining safe physical distancing guidelines. You might be moving about the house quite frequently to find a space to work, and if you don’t have a laptop, lugging your PC computer around is going to be a pain. This simple CPU trolley makes it easy to move your computer to the nearest outlet or to tuck it away out of sight.

  • Hold out your arms (with your elbows just slightly in front of your body but still at your sides) as if you were typing.
  • Calorie blasting aside, some people like a standing desk because it’s something different, or it gives their back a rest from sitting in a chair all day.
  • If you set up your laptop and stake your claim at the kitchen counter, you might frequently be joined by the spouse and kids walking through for a snack or to do the dishes.
  • Using such a chair not only improves comfort and productivity, but also contributes to a healthy and safe work environment.

Try them and create the ideal working space or Try CBD capsules for back pain. A vast majority of the people working from home use computers, which also means staring at computer monitors for extended periods of time. To put it simply, ergonomics is the process of designing and building objects and spaces to fit the person better who will be using these. Ergonomics studies the capabilities and limitations of the human body.

Multiple monitors

Instead, your eyes should look on the horizon and hit the top third of the screen. Placing a computer on a stack of books or a laptop stand can do the trick. Following the principles of ergonomics, it is essential that while sitting, your forearms and thighs should work from home ergonomics be parallel to the floor. An adjustable chair with good lumbar support will help minimize neck and back strain, thereby saving you from chronic neck/back pain in the future. Placing your keyboard at elbow height is only the beginning of proper keyboard ergonomics.

work from home ergonomics checklist